PWC SnowValley 2021 Map

After 15 years I thought it was time to bring back the Constructor server to Unreal Tournament 2004. You can now play the map online on our server. The map was originally one of the last few maps I have ever made as I stopped mapping between 2006-2008 during College.

What has changed in this map?

  • Changed the signs on spawn to be a lot more friendly. I was sure an asshole back then.
  • Fixed the skybox in the main area to look at better. Didn’t fix it in all areas, but meh…
  • Added in PWC Vehicles & Turbo Vehicles for fun.
  • Added info pods on the teleporters to be a little more descriptive.

This change was hard to do considering I was using Windows 11 and UnrealEd will not work with it properly. I had to install Windows 7 in a virtual machine and take like 2 hours to make UnrealEd function correctly. Now it’s done and the map is on our server, but you can also download below.

Should have all required files bundled.