I have a background in computers, networking, and server management. I am that one kid that took his hobby way too far, but it seemed to pay off. I knew from about third grade when we got our first Packard Bell computer that I wanted to learn more about computers and see what I could do with them.

Over the years I played around and when things really took off it was in middle school when our school system had an entire networked system. I was blown away with how the user/pass worked no matter what computer you were on, and that’s where I wanted to duplicate it for myself. In our house in the early 2000’s we had a Windows Domain network set up and function with group policy and it was really neat that I was able to figure it out.

Today all that stuff just seems second nature to me and I have to keep reminding myself how confusing this stuff really is. In high school I had a fun back and forth with the administrators. I had a laptop and used it off and on, and knew how to get onto their network. They (really stupidly) had remote control software on a lot of the computers around the district without a password. While I did nothing other than mess with friends and fellow students (on occasion) it was pathetic. I also put together a script package that students could run that would shut down the remote monitoring system they spent a lot of money on. I never ran it myself and I had legal rights to distribute it.

I like to challenge authority only in that way, never to break things. There was one time I showed someone how phishing was a thing and showed them how easy it was to trick someone and had a proof of concept of a grading login page which was on a networked computer. The staff always watched me remotely (because I had a rotating DNS system to stop them from blocking my sites) and they took it and freaked out thinking I was this crazy criminal (I’m not). I was almost expelled. Administration had NO IDEA how to deal with me. However, I was allowed to come back after I found the “Smart I.T. Administrator” snooping through my personal home web server trying to guess things, which is illegal. While I could have sued, nobody would have won. I would have been stealing from other tax payers which is fundamentally wrong (if I won).

There are many other projects I have done over the years, such as…

  • PWC-Gaming: This was a UT2004 (Unreal Tournament 2004) community that had a lot of servers and custom content. We were one of the big players for the Assault game mode, but we also dabbled in Invasion and Deathmatch styled gametypes. This is my first experience in operating a community which has taught me a lot about business operation. I worked on overall branding. From the early stuff it was clear I was clueless, but we all have to start somewhere. Towards the end the community was very polished.
  • Llama Punter: This is a global network ban management system for Unreal Tournament 2004. Originally it required a special mutator to use on a game server to talk to us, but then we built in support for the UTAN mutator. Servers talk to our master server and their account to manage their own bans as well as subscribe to other trusted administrators for who to keep blocked from their server. The system kept track of all unique connections and allows the public and administrators to search that to get a better understanding of the player. It is still in operation today.
  • Diamond Club TV: This is a site I no longer operate, but in 2015 I launched a new version of this site, originally set up by Dan Dirks (the original strawpoll.me creator). The site was very unique and at the time had everything a podcaster could want. A chat system, live low latency video, apps for fans to watch from and special technologies that nobody has designed. The entire site was coded by me (v2) without a framework. There was an accompanying Video CDN system that had up to 4 ingest server locations and two dedicated gigabit delivery servers. I decided to close it due to my job. The site was getting beaten out by other website’s technologies.
  • Several Enterprise Apps: due to the amount of apps and how proprietary they are I do not discuss them here. However just know I have built nearly all the systems our company uses today outside of QuickBooks. It has caused us to be more efficient than any other competitor and offer services to our customers that no other company can offer.

I am very proud of my achievements in life, and I hope to continue reaching to learn new things and to become more successful in life and help others. I’m an atheist who believes that once we’re done that’s it. My goal as an insignificant human is to make the next generation have a better life.