Fraghouse Nations server is back up for the holidays

One of the game servers I set up a decade ago is back for the winter. Updated with TitanRPG for better leveling. Fraghouse Nations is a group of custom mods that weren’t necessarily designed to work together all into one unique experience. It uses standard invasion but with a lot more monsters and on custom maps designed for this mode. There are customized Vehicles, Weapons, Maps, Monsters, and more?! The leveling is set up so you can get to a point where it’s relatively easy within about 45 minutes.

You can find this server under the Assault Tab where you will find the other legacy PWC-Gaming servers.

UT2004 Files Sorted a Bit

Thanks for a fan (GoPostal) I thought it was finally time to go through some of the archives of stuff I have for Unreal Tournament 2004. One of the things I double checked was the LAN Party in a box server for UT2004. As it stood it was functional but when I set it up it was configured to a redirect server I hosted that was not active anymore. Since I have the hosting ability I put the files back up on there, so the server will function 100% out of the box.

I also uploaded to the additional files area the Game Mode Override feature, which is quite helpful if you have a lot of servers but want them to appear all in the same game mode list. That’s what I originally set it up for is to allow our invasion server and freon servers to appear under assault along with all the other servers we had. It’s easy to set up and no bull to configure, just add the mutator and it will tell the master server you’re running that mode no matter what you’re doing.

An update on my life.

I have had a few people reach out since me stepping away from DCTV. Since things are slowing down a bit I thought I would update and let you guys know how things are going.

The overall decision was one I needed to make to keep my sanity. Did I “throw away” a lot of effort and labor? I guess. Do I regret it? No. The entire idea of how twitch has really taken over (and may I say doing well) and for me to continue running a site that at the core was primarily a CDN and then a streaming point.

My professional career has been changing a lot and I am happy with where I am there. For many years I have debated that working with family held me back from really achieving success in life. I am happy I waited and did not quit because our business is turning around. The features I have been working on have been really neat, and the public is taking notice of how easy I make it to do business with our company.

I have been waking up early and going to bed early. It’s not so bad once you’re used to it, but honestly still never thought I would be that guy. I have been spending my free time occasionally playing some games and just watching TV. When I get home from a mentally exhausting day the last thing I want to do is work on more things.

In the future I have been toying with doing an audio podcast but really not sure on that. It’s all in limbo! Rest assured though, I am happy. I am relaxed. I have a huge pile of stress off of my head when I don’t have to worry about managing all the services required to keep DCTV v2 alive.