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I am a developer and server administrator who loves to give back to others. The products and services I provide have helped many people including businesses improve their day-to-day operations. I own and operate a lot of websites as well as built a lot of products. Follow me on Twitter.

Diamond Club TV

Brickslap TV was converted to Diamond Club TV, the popular site for watching shows from Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, and others. Now the site is used by many others. Now a “Community Podcast Network”.

Llama Punter

My first complete product ever made. Features analytic system to track UT2004 players as well as lets admins block users on multiple servers at once, and a global blacklist. Was used by most large communities when game was more active.

Subcool ServiceDesk®

My field service software was launched. Allowing field technicians to pull up customer records, get job info, take payments, get directions, and many helpful features. A real time application.

Brickslap TV

Brickslap was a site dedicated to live streaming and featured amazing technology that could scan and automatically assign users to a channel, integrated #chatrealm.

Subcool SalesBook®

SalesBook is a CRM system used by contractors for keeping track of leads and appointments. Famous for the FarePlay functionality that toggles all types of leads fairly when being set up by office of through the self-help portal.

Adjunct Faculty

Taught at Fox Valley Technical College as an adjunct instructor for two years, starting at the age of 24. Talking about all new technology and how to apply it. Dean was very impressed with my methods.

I have worked a little of everything and catch on to learning anything computer based very quickly. It’s a true passion of mine.

No job is too small, and no job is too large. I have helped tons of people on the side with small computer work and have worked on corporate and medical systems over the years. I enjoy changing things up because it’s a fun challenge. I really enjoy new challenges, as it keeps me guessing and forcing me to be resourceful.

Development 100%
Design 75%
Marketing 85%
Network 90%

Latest News

Network Security Analyist

My education and core of what I like to learn revolves around networking, network security, and staying up to date on news of breaches. Love learning and teaching best methods to stay protected from malware.


I primarily am a web developer, with an almost 100% focus on PHP/MySQL with some jquery/js background. I work primarily as a back-end developer and secondary as a front-end developer.


I have taken sites over such as Diamond Club TV and rolled out several new innovative features that you won’t find on other podcast network websites. I love to fully automate my products (so I can worry about other projects).


I have built a CDN network for video delivery, and as of late 2016 we are pushing nearly 8-10TB of video per month with peaks of 600mbps delivery. CDN is scalable.