Deluxe Map Pack

PWC Decade Deluxe Map Pack

After 10 long years of playing the Unreal Tournament series, the official anniversary map pack is now available. This was a work in progress for a long time, and many of the maps have been updated since other map pack releases. Some maps which had our licensing have been de-licensed, and even if it”s left maps in this pack will not be checked for unlicensed use.

This map pack comes with 53 Maps for you. 37 Assault Maps, 10 PWC Dodgeball Maps, and 6 Whipmatch Maps.


A fun map originally meant as a joke for the most annoying map actually was quite well balanced and players loved it, since then it has underwent quite a few edits to make the map more interesting and play better for all. Teamwork is really encouraged to do well.


This is a map that was based off of the fun bumper cars idea that VDP-[K]-ICP and the rest of the VDP crew came up with and I went a step further. Special thanks to Trajector for all the coding to make the map score properly, along with the custom vehicles and bot support.


This is a fun map that serves no purpose other than to mess around and knock into other players. See if you can eliminate the other people. There are in game hazards, and you cannot get out of your vehicle without dying, so be smart. Again based off of the VDP Bumper Cars idea as mentioned above.


Based off of Fort Sport by Tsumetai, this is a map that is more based on vehicles and more weapons. The other command and conquer levels were not as fast paced as C&M. This is the final regular version of the map. One of the most complex maps in regards to switches and controls to make the game run smoothly (open in unreal editor to see for yourself)


This is the Unreal Conflict special edition of Command & Mario. This version features more overpowered options and features such as rainbow road and random events such as turtle shells. This is a fast paced version that also features more team balanced scoring (certain things unlock items for the other team too!) This map is encrypted but the license annoyance (PWCGA) has been removed for the level.


This is a from the ground remake to make a map that ran like CrazyRace. Instead there were quite a few differences to how the game ran. It features strategic alternative objectives so that you can have two active objectives at one time making it harder for defenders to stop attackers. There are also random events such as Rick Rolling, Low Gravity, BFG Guns, etc.


This is a version of Dust that was converted to UT2004 by Equinox, and then converted to round based Assault play with Remote Strike weapons. The weapons come in this pack, so there is no need to download any additional files. The game has 5 bomb points where you have to hold to plant, at the end they will all blow up much like the style in Counter Strike.


This is the same as the version above except there have been game mode edits and the upgrade from Remote Strike weapons to Ballistic Weapons. The weapon files are included in the pack so there are no additional downloads needed. The Ballistic Weapons mod is created by RuneStorm.


This is a Version of Fender Benders which is a vehicle scoring map. Drive down the skinny road and push enemies off and make it to the soccer goal on the other side of the level. This version has more overpowered weapons, vehicles, and the barrels go off with a bang. The map also features the Gravity Vortex from ChaosUT as the power weapon in the center of the map. Do you have what it takes to win?


This is like the map noted above however the track has been completely modified with in game hazards that are 100% random. You may get knocked off into oblivion by the map or you may not. Still features the same types of weapons and adds on the Sniper Rifle and other vehicles like the SPMA.


This was a map that was produced in one afternoon as part of a challenge. The map really doesn”t look all that good, but it does play well. It is a very simple design where you have to gain access into the base, and work your way unlocking the next level until you destroy the very top of the map with Raptors while the defenders keep trying to shoot you down.


This is a version of Hellbender Race (Hardcore) by Stormblade that has been fixed so a few of the known cheats no longer work properly (or are even harder to pull off). This is a map classic and is one of the most played Race Maps in history.


This is a version of Hellbender Race Nightmare that has been made more family friendly for our server. Instead of the pussy room it is the twitty room. Also fixed some of the spelling errors of the original map author and took down the offensive advertisements around the map.


This is the final version of the standard Hellbender Race 2. Do not get confused with the multiple different remixes, this is the plain old version with nothing really out of control. It is skinned to look like the Hardcore series. This version features the improved last objective.


This is Hellbender Race 2 on Steroids. The map is much more over the top and features several easter eggs and even some secret additional tracks to drive on. This is more over the top and not as necessarily balanced as the original version, but is still loads of fun nonetheless.


This is a very very old version of Hellbender Race 2 before the map was cleaned up and new roads were added. This version is not balanced at all and can be a campers paradise, but still it is included because it was a piece of history. This is the Rush Retro version, so there will be some Rush in there if you can find it.


This is the special limited edition of the Hellbender Race 2 map where there is snow, ice, and Christmas themed items around the level.


This is the 3rd version of Hellbender Race and featured a lot of very neat ideas such as a central base for all the objectives and some unique rooms and billboards. The map wasn”t as popular as the second hellbender race but still is a classic.


This is the original version of Hellbender Race (Hardcore) but modified to look like Mario 64 with special custom skins on the track and even a modified game track. No fog in this level so it is a sniper”s paradise.


This is a special fifth version of Hellbender Race that is rarely played but the map itself is very well done. It features tons of easter eggs and unique game play on top of it. Give it shot today.


This is a special Christmas version of the original Hellbender Race. Not much else to say about it…


This is a race track made from ONS-IslandHop by Ben Beckwidt added in special ramps and checkpoints to make it very interesting. There are also boats that you can use to get from one part to another and a central zone where you can possibly find some assistance.


Can you escape the volcano because it blows? This is a multi-part standard assault map that has an amazing attention to detail and is well balanced. This version has known cheats blocked.


The classic mushroom kingdom by Tsumetai that has been converted to run with Wii styled graphics and Mario Wii sounds for most of the level.


This is a fix up of the original PharaoRaceway. The map was a coders nightmare and was very poorly optimized with brushes and collisions. This version has been cleaned up a lot and optimized to run smoother in online play and give you better Frames Per Second.


This is a fun custom race map that features the use of many different cars, along with unique hard to navigate tracks. Can you find the Chuck Norris Room?


This is an edit of the Original Hellbender Race 2 map that has Bob Saget all around it as an Omage to the Tourette”s Guy video “Oh, Bob Saget!!!” you will hear the sound through the level as well as the tunnel of saget, the hill of saget, and the saget shrine.


This is a recreated version of the original Scorpion Coaster. Even though it is the same name the map itself is quite different. The map is built more to be balanced and fair than some of the other versions of this map. Very fun and clean.


This is a special night time version of Scorpion Race that features a redeemer tower with custom pickup sound along with more weapons compared to the original version of Scorpion Race. Has a custom skin set too.


This pack is available in several different formats for your specific needs.

ZIP Archive (536MB)

RAR Arcade (457MB)

EXE Installer (415MB)

The EXE Installer because it’s unsigned is triggered by newer versions of Anti Viruses as questionable. It’s safe, but if you’re handy just utilize the ZIP or RAR versions.