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I am liberal leaning, but it really depends on the issue. One thing I do truly believe is that both parties are an embarrassment to this nation. I truly believe that the republican party is ruining this nation with their religious bullshit (the christian things they’re doing aren’t remotely christian) and doing whatever it takes to make their donors happy (which does happen on both sides but right now it’s so blatantly obvious). Big money is being pumped in and they are trying to legitimize lies more than ever. They are passing things that nobody likes but they do anyway, and work to make sure their news outlets don’t cover it, and all other sources are “fake news” by falsely discrediting them (sure they make mistakes). History will look back at this decade in a bad way.

I believe in single payer healthcare as our private system has failed us with all the inefficiencies, however I believe we are so far in the wrong direction it will probably never happen as the rich has money to run ads to trick us. Unfortunately, the general public is really really really gullible, especially if it matches their viewpoints.

Smaller government is fine as long as you’re not trying to ruin something just because the other party built it.

I want the money and influence out of politics. It’s a fucking joke.

That’s all. <3

PS: I do not hate people for their political preferences, nor their religion. I hate people if they are genuinely bad people. Believe it or not there is a difference. I can have wildly differing viewpoints from someone but we can still talk, work, and hang out.