I Moved, Muffin Lair no more (now it’s a fortress!)

In early 2020 I was thinking about finally moving into more of a ‘forever’ home versus the very small place I was living before. There were some perks to moving now versus later… the big one being the housing market is crazy.

The final decision to move was triggered by the realtor telling me just how much my little home was worth. I almost doubled by investment, combined with the fact that my home had very little left on the loan.

The house had 18 total showings in under 4 days, and had 4 offers. Crazy. The part I did not think through clearly is that same issue would hit me on the other side.

I started looking at listings that I liked and put together some to go look at. 100% of them had active offers but the site I used (zillow) did not state that. Unfortunately Zillow, a site that I really love does not always get updated by the listing agent with up-to-date information.

After getting all disappointed in the lack of good options available I was able to scrape together about 4-5 to look at. We went on a day of looking at homes, and most were “meh”, except for 2 of them. One was under such a demand there was no way I was going to get it, so I gave up. I decided that the house I really loved was on a rather large plot with wetlands.

The house was a little overpriced (I thought) but after realizing everything I am getting, the assessment came back right where it should have been I was very happy putting in an offer. I had the only offer and it was mine.

After fun COVID related failures from the bank, we had some fun closing issues, but they did everything they could and I was only delayed by one day. Thank goodness the seller of the home let me move in but not sleep there until closing.

I closed in the middle of August. The house is ~3700 sqft (including basement), and I went all out to make this feel like a great house with all new furniture. Even a month and a half later, still waiting on all the living room furniture but it should be in by next month.

Once all the stuff is loaded in I’ll be updating the Muffin Lair page with new pictures. The basement is completely open right now. Pinballs are lined up, along with VR down there. Once lumber prices drop out I plan to get the basement finished for a server room, storage, theater, game room, etc.