Advertising Requests for DCTV

Flatted but spoken for...

Advertising Requests for DCTV

In the past month I have received countless advertising requests for Diamond Club TV, mainly because of the amazon alexa skill. Companies promising to help us find sponsors and offer tracking services. While I am flattered and I know it's their job to sell their product, I'd like to point out a few things.

1. Advertising is 100% against what we were founded on. I built the new site to be a place where shows can be broadcasted efficiently and to a central place where people can hang out at, as well as being able to centralize streams on apps. The site is money neutral and that's how I like it. I don't need to make money on this site, I make money on other things I do and am happy.

2. Shows are completely independent. We are a community network which means we will help give you a place to call home but there are zero contracts, and you have the freedom on the platform (for the most part)

I appreciate people reaching out but we will not advertise, end of story. I would rather fund it from my own pocket (and I used to prior to patreon). I am not a money hoarding guy, I make a good living and I am grateful for it but I am also a big fan of giving substantial things away for free with little to no benefit to myself, I love making people happy... That's an award in itself. 

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